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It has now been over a month since your last visit, and I wanted to tell you that my baby has been feeding on the breast successfully for almost 4 whole weeks! My baby is barely choking anymore, and I am no longer suffering from engorgement. My nipples have fully recovered – something which, I thought, would never happen! Finally, he has been gaining weight at the speed of light since switching back to the breast, and – although numbers are just numbers – he’s back to his birth centile curve! I really want to thank you for your help – you have been a huge help, and I would probably have given up without you!

Alice, Notting Hill

After contacting the London Lactation Consultants they organised a consultation at my house very quickly. My husband and I thought [our Lactation Consultant] was really great. With her balanced approach she shared her extensive experience and knowledge with both of us to help sort out any feeding issues, putting us at ease and reassuring me that I was doing a good job. She helped with positioning and made some suggestions to improve my son’s latch. I definitely have had a better feeding experience with my son since our consultation.

Amy, West London

I have been struggling with a painful latch and [my Lactation Consultant] helped me find a new comfortable position. Within the hour I had a much more comfortable latch, for which I am very thankful. She was very informative and helped me to understand how to approach breastfeeding a bit differently, as well as gave advice for how to approach offering an occasional bottle. I would highly recommend [London Lactation Consultants] for anyone struggling with breastfeeding.

Becky, Putney

[My Lactation Consultant had] a wonderfully supportive, positive and kind manner and I’m truly very grateful to her for her help. She came to my house and worked with me when I was unable to breastfeed after leaving hospital with my baby girl…. With her support and advice I gradually transitioned from bottle feeding to breastfeeding – something which I was desperate to achieve but could hardly believe would be possible in the early days. I really can’t thank her enough

Clare, Holland Park

[My Lactation Consultant] visited me when my baby was 4 weeks old. I had been struggling with bottle feeding since my baby was born. He took in gulps of air and it took us nearly an hour to feed. [My Lactation Consultant] was very sympathetic of my situation and suggested some new feeding techniques which worked fantastically. She also picked up that my son had a tongue tie. Not only had this been missed in hospital but I had also had a private specialist review him at 2 weeks old who also dismissed that anything was wrong. Since sorting the tie my son has completely changed. He takes feeds quickly and without gulping air. I would recommend [London Lactation Consultants] to anyone who is struggling and please trust your instinct and seek help when things don’t seem right.

Laura, London

[My Lactation Consultant] has been instrumental in us happily and sustainably continuing our breast feeding journey. Having a baby and learning to breastfeed in lockdown was incredibly challenging. We felt pretty isolated. Being able to see [my Lactation Consultant] in our own home was game changing. We’d been struggling with a very shallow latch and extremely damaged nipples for about 4 weeks. [Her] approach was incredibly compassionate whilst at the same time expert and professional. After our first consultation we felt instantly at ease and in the hands of an expert. It was clear that she cared deeply about our wellbeing – particularly mine, as a new mum – and at no point did we ever feel under pressure to take a particular course of action. We were able to speak openly about all of the options available to us – including pumping and formula. In the end we were able to persevere with our breast feeding journey and we simply wouldn’t have achieved that without .

Katie, London

I am able to breastfeed my baby thanks entirely to the guidance and help we were given by [my Lactation Consultant]. I cannot for a second imagine I’d still be breastfeeding if it weren’t for her help. We had terrible problems with an extremely painful latch and were about to give up. Over several Zoom calls, [my consultant] patiently and compassionately guided my baby and me through various techniques and positions. I couldn’t believe how effective it was over video but amazingly she could assess everything remotely (especially amazing in the current world) and we went from thinking it would never work to exclusively breastfeeding. It’s worth noting that the notes [my consultant] sends after each call are comprehensive and extremely helpful! My baby is now nearly 5 months and I plan to breastfeed as long as I can.

Abby, Switzerland

I have been connecting with [London Lactation Consultants] throughout the pandemic and my journey as a new mother. From addressing a sudden drop in my milk supply, to introducing me and my partner to baby-led weaning and challenges around my baby boy’s eating, [my Lactation Consultant] has been an incredible resource every step of the way. At a time when I haven’t been able to go to new mum/baby groups or be close to family/friends for guidance, she has been a northstar, provided the best counsel, has helped us overcome every hurdle and has put my mumma mind at ease along the way. It’s a unique time that could feel particularly isolating, but even via videoconference, she has provided wonderful support!

Arielle, London

My video consult with [my Lactation Consultant] was so SO helpful. I really appreciated her calm and thoughtful assessment of the nursing strike I was experiencing with my son. She provided really clear advice and reassurance and I’m pleased to report we are back on track with breast feeding! Frankly I was also pleasantly surprised at how effective our virtual interaction was, I honestly just wish I’d been in touch sooner.
Thank you!

Carla, Chiswick

I contacted LLC when I was feeling quite desperate about being able to continue feeding my 5-month-old son. I live in New Zealand and was visiting family in London. Their response was really fast and reassuring, they put me in touch with within 24 hours. [My Lactation Consultant] was and has been so helpful that I saw her twice in my month in London and then have continued to get advice from her over Skype all the way from NZ. Can’t recommend their service enough. Empowering, empathetic and completely professional. Many thanks from me and my very happy, still breastfeeding, 10-month-old boy.

Manuela, New Zealand

I had an online review with [my Lactation Consultant] after I was having pain and signs my baby’s latch was not quite right…. My baby started the session very upset …. [my Lactation Consultant] quickly adapted the session to start with a feed. She quickly identified the area we needed to work on with positioning and we fixed the shallow latch problem instantly. I had a further review 24 hours later as the right latch was still quite shallow with the new position and we tried a different position altogether. Overall, she was very quick and knowledgable, and fixed our shallow latch. This came at a time where I was feeling quite desperate and upset about the feeding. My experience was amazing.

Elizabeth, Buckhurst Hill

We worked with [my Lactation Consultant] at their clinic after my friend recommended her services. To say we were desperate for some support and practical guidance was an understatement. She ensured we left the clinic with a clear, manageable and pragmatic short term plan and support to have our daughter’s tongue tie dealt with successfully. Following on from this initial appointment [my Lactation Consultant] helped me understand how to best support our daughter as she learnt how to breast feed successfully after her frenectomy.

This might sound dramatic but I can genuinely say that we were close to giving up on breast feeding altogether before. I feel so privileged to have had access to such fantastic support so that we could continue breastfeeding. Our daughter is now 5 months old and we are loving every minute of pain-free breast feeding! I cannot recommend London Lactation Consultants enough – they changed our breast feeding journey for the better and I cannot thank them enough.

Steph, London

I am so pleased I made the appointment to see London Lactation Consultants at their clinic, it was a real turning point in my breastfeeding journey. After a difficult birth and an extended stay in hospital, I initially found breastfeeding challenging and first saw [my Lactation Consultant] when my son was two weeks old. I really valued her calm, practical and evidence based approach and after our first session together I was feeding my son comfortably and confidently at home and he was thriving as a result. Since then we have kept in touch with a follow up session and video consult which have been so helpful. As a first time Mum in a global pandemic I have been so grateful for her reassurance, from breastfeeding positions, to bottles, expressing and dream feeds – we have discussed it all and she is a true expert. Thank you!

Harriet, London

I saw London Lactation Consultants on day six after giving birth. I was seen within 24 hours of making my enquiry and had excellent support identifying my daughter’s tongue tie at an early stage. Feeding was incredibly painful and [my Lactation Consultant] continued to support me to give me the confidence to follow-up when the first division of my daughter’s tongue tie was not sufficient (carried out by another tongue-tie practitioner). I wholeheartedly recommend LLC. Four months in and I am really glad I saw LLC without any delay. I am sure that guidance made all the difference and enabled me to continue breastfeeding – without it, and the solutions [my Lactation Consultant] helped me find, I do not think it would have been possible to carry on. Tongue-tie issues aside, the feeding techniques showed me have made feeding much easier and more enjoyable!

Georgina, London

LLC were recommended by a friend who was very impressed with them. So were we. [My Lactation Consultant] was very prompt in contacting me (on a Sunday). We needed advice on tongue tie and our baby vomiting significant amounts. She assessed a very fast flow (coupled with tongue tie) and gave strategies to reduce the flow which solved the problem. She was excellent, gentle, straightforward and clever- we’re so happy we called!

Kate, Hackney

[My Lactation Consultant] gave me the confidence to read my baby and trust my instincts. She also identified that our baby might have a tongue tie and recommended a specialist. Since working with [my Lactation Consultant] our baby has gone from the 3rd percentile to the 10th percentile of weight in just 3 weeks. Not to mention we have managed to exclusively breast feed, when I was about to turn to formula. I would recommend her to all my friends.

Carrie, Wandsworth

The time I spent with [my Lactation Consultant] really transformed my breastfeeding experience. I went from being in near-constant pain and needing to use nipple shields to feeding successfully with little pain in just a couple of hours. [My Lactation Consultant] also spotted my daughter’s tongue tie ( that had been missed by two midwives) which enabled us to get treatment quickly and made a huge difference to how effectively my daughter fed. We are now four weeks in and breastfeeding is a real joy.

Lisa, Worcester Park

My daughter and I had an incredibly difficult time breastfeeding during her first month, to the point where I was expressing around the clock, exhausted, and almost ready to throw in the towel and switch to formula feeding. [My Lactation Consultant] visited us shortly after my daughter turned one month and worked with us on positioning and latching. She also diagnosed my daughter with an anterior tongue tie. We had my daughter’s tie clipped a week later by a lovely paediatric ENT who [LLC] referred us to.

I cannot say enough good things about our experience.  [My Lactation Consultant] has an incredible manner and was very patient and encouraging with me; exactly what I needed to hear during an emotional time.  My daughter just turned two months old and this past month has been a completely different experience. We are breastfeeding almost exclusively now, something which I never thought would be possible during those early weeks.

Lindsay, London

[My Lactation Consultant] was amazing to work with and helped us reach the very happy and comfortable place in breastfeeding we are now! She is responsive, insightful and always encouraging — which made all the difference when I was having a tough time. She also proactively checked in on me which was a nice touch and much appreciated. Ultimately she helped me overcome mastitis, latch and positioning issues, as well as my son’s tongue tie. We met with her antenatally via video call as well as postnatal home visits and in the clinic — and she always did what she could to see me as soon as possible when I wanted to make an appointment. Communication via text was super convenient as well. Thank you so much! We are so happy that I can continue to breastfeed and I look forward to doing so for many many months to come!

Katelyn, London

Your support, advice and the comfort you offered our family…was invaluable. You helped me figure out how to do what was best for my baby and what was best for me. I felt so supported by you in the process and so grateful that you helped us find success with breastfeeding. I cannot thank you enough for that.

Mary, Surbiton

We are getting on so much better now with breastfeeding and I no longer have any discomfort… In fact, I am really enjoying the ease and flexibility of it! I’m so grateful for all your help and advice – it was much harder than I had imagined getting started and I think I needed the encouragement to keep going, so thank you.

Helen, Wandsworth

Just to say a massive thank you for today – it was lovely to meet you and get all your good advice. It was such a relief to be heard and listened too in such a calm and professional manner, as many women as possible should be aware of your services. I’ll definitely recommend your services to a couple of friends who are due soon too.

Elizabeth, Wimbledon

We met during our antenatal classes and had the most informative session on breastfeeding. When we started our breast feeding journey, we constantly referred to the notes we took and used so many of her recommended positions – it was so helpful. We contacted her again when our baby was 16 weeks as we had been told by the GP he had tongue tie. By this point, we were pretty desperate, tired and worried. We had a video call to begin with and gave us some tips to help us before we saw her in person with both breast and bottle feeding, as we do one bottle a day. She was hugely supportive and caring and gave us the confidence to keep going before we saw her. We saw her just before we had the tongue tie procedure to talk through what would happen and to put our minds at ease. Our baby absolutely loved her which made it an even better experience! We had one more appointment after the procedure and again, she was absolutely amazing. So attentive to us and our baby. She has been so quick to respond on email, followed up when she didn’t have to and kept in touch afterwards. I will be recommending her to all of my friends who would like feeding support in the future and I wouldn’t hesitate to get in touch again for some further assistance. It was the best decision we made getting back in touch with her and as a result we have a much happier baby when he’s feeding and a much more confident mummy too!

Harriet, Balham

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