Marta, Isleworth
My baby was born premature and he spent the first two weeks of his life in SCBU being fed mostly via an ng tube with some bottle feeding at the start... Breastfeeding was really important to me and at the time it felt like it was bound to fail since my baby had trouble latching. I was also very worried about my milk supply diminishing as a result.  was able to give me latching advice that worked for an older baby and my son has been latching deeper ever since. She was also extremely encouraging and non-judgemental about the initial use of nipple shields unlike some other healthcare professionals that I had seen before. She was able to give me up to date advice and information about monitoring my supply and my son's growth without making me feel like since we had a rough start, we were likely to fail. also helped me feel more at ease with different feeding positions, and encouraged me to focus on being comfortable instead of following rigid positions. Thanks to , I feel more confident, and I can focus on enjoying breastfeeding instead of being constantly worried.