Betsy, London
It’s hard to believe all those months ago when you came to our home to help me with feeding my twins that I would be so far on in my journey. Today the boys are 6 months and we are still going strong.  Despite how ready I was to stop due to pain I’m now not sure when I will be ready. The boys are basically pro feeders and have thrived. I’m so pleased we reached out for help when we did, the speed of the fix was fantastic. We are currently on holiday (our second as a family) and talking to friends and people at multiples groups the shock from some about ‘how much stuff we would need’. The horrors of how to settle a baby on a plane or worry about going out for the evening and not having enough bottles, how to sterilise them etc, we have never had to think about it. The answer is always simply pop them on a boob. We couldn’t have done the holidays without breastfeeding and we couldn’t have continued that without your help. Dropping top ups and not expressing have given me so much more time and energy to enjoy being with the boys. I’ve said it many times, it’s an area that needs more investment because you change the lives of women who have had babies. The money and time you save and the health benefits you help promote are something else. Thank you, I feel like you helped unlock a superpower and I am now evangelical about helping other women do the same. I remember you telling me that I’d be amazed at the places I will find myself confident enough to feed. So to confirm, I have tandem fed in: winter wonderland, on a plane, in a pub, in a pop tent on the beach, using a sling while I potter around the house, on the sofa while I eat dinner and most importantly in bed, in the early hours without having to build a whole pillow fort or wrestle a p&p pillow. Simply, thank you.