Jenni Chingford
Being able to breastfeed was really important to me so when my little girl first latched on and I felt pain and discomfort I felt like a failure. 2 days in my breasts were blistered, scabbed and sore. The endless YouTube videos and searches on google to try and ‘perfect’ our latch just made me feel more confused and fed up. Why was breastfeeding so complicated and difficult? Then came …..absolute game changer! Through our sessions via zoom (which were incredible) was able to provide reassurance, support and advice which led to instant results! There were no overly complicated instructions to try and implement- just practical guidance and support. Before I worked with , I used to dread feeds as all I anticipated was pain and discomfort - now I feed my little one with confidence and ease. Over our zoom sessions we worked on an amazing baby led latch which made me and my little one sooo much more comfy and a whole lot less stressed! The zoom sessions are so effective and super convenient and I would highly recommend to absolutely everyone!