Ella, Camden
My son was born in January 2022 with low birth weight, tongue tie and issues with upper body stiffness. I had been absolutely set on breastfeeding from the moment I found out I was pregnant but my son was failing to gain weight and my supply wasn't coming in due to his poor latch. I had a home visit from and she was such a calm and friendly presence at such a stressful time. She gave me information on tongue ties and where to find an osteopath. My son cried throughout both home visit sessions and barely latched but kept confidently telling me he needed practice and we could still achieve exclusive breastfeeding if that was my goal. My son is now 12 and a half months and has been successfully breastfeeding without needing any bottles for 7 months. Getting to this point was the hardest thing I've ever done but I can confidently say I wouldn't have achieved it without . A million thank yous!