Fabienne, Wandsworth
I came home from hospital with covid and painful feeding, was the first to respond with a suggestion of a video consultation which I’ll admit at first, I wasn’t sure how that would work, but I had Covid so took it! From the first video call, I instantly saw the value to be had even from video consultation, the reassuring and knowledgable tone from was way beyond my expectations. Since then, I’ve gone from dreading every single feed, crying into my curled up toes and wishing I didn’t mind just swapping to formula (I felt no pressure from anyone on continuing to breastfeed, other than myself) to breast feeding cross legged on the floor at baby sensory…! The hospital missed my daughter's 50% tongue tie which identified and we were referred to a specialist who we had the best possible experience with (which is not easy to say). I asked my husband for any feedback, ‘highest possible regard... amazing’. We cannot thank you enough.