Rafaela, Surbiton
came for a home visit to support me with my first baby - a 3 week-old. I was struggling with breastfeeding, it was non stop and I was experiencing some pain, from milk blebs and baby sucking. My baby was putting weight on normally but my instinct was telling me there must be something we could do to have a better balance. was incredible, she was kind, extremely professional and knowledgeable. She assessed the baby's mouth and also gave me feedback and small tweaks to positioning and attachment that made a massive difference. These resulted in better quality of baby latching on and also tips on techniques to control my fast let down. My baby had a posterior tongue tie, identified by and after, I asked the midwife to get it checked by a tongue tie clinic. This was another change that was necessary and helped me and my baby to have a much better time together breastfeeding. It’s our special moment where we only share love and there is not space for pain anymore! Thank you so much London Lactation Consultants for all the advice, feedback and support!